Childhood Dream Getting Real..!!!

Hi, I was supposed to start my blog from 20th September.
But this is something I cant resist my myself from blogging
If am not wrong then almost every teenager has a craze for pokemon.
Have you ever thought what would happen if pokemon really do exist ??
If you ever wished this then your dream has come true with the brand new gaming experience “Pokemon Go “


The Pokemon Go is being developed by Niantic incorporation.
The Pokemon company along with Ninetendo co. Ltd have been working on the project Pokemon Go.
Many other peoples associated with pokemon video series have too contributed to the project.

The Pokemon go experience will be really surprising as it would be combination of real world and virtual world.
You are going to discover pokemon at places you are familiar with.
Best part is, people around the world would be able to connect each others and enjoy battling pokemons in your own world.
Pokemon go will be available for download at no charge on the App Store and Google Play. In-app purchases will be available
According to the sources, Pokemon go video series would be launched in 2016 on platforms like Android and IOS.

Have a look at the video link below to actually know what is Pokemon Go all about.

Youtube link :-

( Source :- )

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