Holy bath at Nashik Kumbh..!!!

nashikumbhYou all have heard about Nashik Kumbh, isnt it ?

Yes ,today am going to share my experience of getting holy bath at Nashik Kumbh.

Nashik Kumbh which is also popularly known as Simhastha/Sinhastha Kumbh Mela, is a holy place where people from all over India ( sometimes even from abroad) visit nashik at this delightfull occasion for the sake of getting bath at the holy river Godavari.
It is believed that every person in their life should once take a bath at the Nashik Kumbh in order to get rid of all the sins he have committed in his life long journey.No matter what his physical condition be.

Nashik Kumbh mela is celebrated when Jupiter and sun are on Zodiac sign,Leo.
This Simhastha kumbh took place after a long span of time i.e after twelve years.
This period of one month and nine days is very auspicious and are warmly welcomed by all the Hindu devotees

I visited the holy place on 13th September, it was also the day of Shahi Snan (The Main Bath Day ).
The moment I came out from Nashik railway station,I was really surprised to notice that the crowd was much more as I expected.
I started walking with the crowd, after a long walk of around 1 hour, I saw the bus stand and was really relaxed and happy.The nashik Mahanagar Palika have done a great job for the ease of devotees, they had arranged free bus facility upto to the holy place.The bus took us to the place ,well it was around 9 – 10 km away from station.
After getting down, the rush was as usual.we started walking towards the river Godavari.In the course a numerous trust,organisation and various other devotees were trying to help other devotees by providing free facilities like tea,coffee,snacks,offering places to take rest,washrooms,etc.This was a great help to us which made our journey very convenient and easy.
We reached the spot and took the blessings of Goddess Godavari by dipping in the river.I must say the water was too cold.

And last but not the least,I salute to the police department,they were very co-operative with all of us,the security out there was outstanding , every possible measures were taken to avoid stampede and unfortunate events that would have occured due to lack in security.
But never the less, every one was calm after watching such a terrific protection given to them by the cops.
The journey would have been impossible without the support of all these peoples.
It was an amazing experience for me, well i knew it won’t be easy.

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