Happy 65th Birthday Mr. Prime Minister !


Be it a 365 kg ‘laddoo’ being unveiled in Delhi or a 65-meter-long cloth being sent from Uttar Pradesh, wishes are pouring in from all quarters for Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday. Even his bitter political allies have kept their differences on the back burner and have taken to Twitter to wish the PM a good day.

It has been over fifteen months since Narendra Damodardas Modi took charge as the Prime Minister with an image of changing the outlook of India with a spell and a wand. There were high expectations from him when he took the oath of office and secrecy on May 26, 2014. He promised several schemes to be implemented, gave a ray of hope of more employment opportunities, improvement in the country’s economy among numerous others.

The government undoubtedly, has brought about several changes in the year gone by,and have claimed to bring a new era in the history of India. From adopting 49% foreign investment in the defence and insurance sectors to opening of millions of bank accounts for poor families to bring them in the economic cycle, from his promise of giving ‘minimum government, maximum governance’ to gathering support for ‘Make in India’, policies have been formulated and work has been done.

However, looking back at his tenure in office, the Modi government has also had several shortcomings. With a massive and decisive mandate in Lok Sabha polls, the government has often been accused of being arrogant in its decisions and of ignoring the Opposition calls. They have also been accused of too much publicity but little work on the ground.

Never the less, there’s still a long journey ahead and he will definately make us proud to be an Indian.

With this,we wish Mr. Narendra Modi a great and successfull year ahead.

Happy 65th Birthday Mr Prime Minister!

Image courtesy : www.santabanta.com

Source : ibnlive.com

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