Can you Lift Thor’s Hammer ? ………. This Man Can !!

Can you Lift Thor's Hammer? Its Replica Maybe? Probably Not

Pics Credit : YouTube video uploaded by Sufficiently Advanced
Oh what sorcery is this, now?
Forget Thor’s hammer, it looks like no one is worthy enough to lift even its manmade replica. Well, almost.

Almost every superhero loving person wants to be Thor, the Norse god of thunder. However, a Los Angeles engineer took his fondness for the character to a whole other level. The “Imagination Man” (as he calls himself on Twitter) with enviable scientific know-how has fashioned a hammer just like that of the son of Odin.

Using electromagnets from a microwave oven, touch sensors, some batteries and a couple more things, Allen Pan has made himself a hammer only he can lift, thanks to a fingerprint scanner thrown in the mix.

So what happened when he went out on the streets to show off his super cool gadget? We’ll let you watch the awesome video, with over 7.5 million views on YouTube, to find out.

Note from Allen: “If anybody knows Chris Hemsworth or Stan Lee let’em know that I can register multiple people’s fingerprints to the hammer,” he says on YouTube.

Story First Published: October 16, 2015 14:42 IST

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