The Girl Who Cannot Cry ..!!!!

This video With the title ” The Girl Who Could Not Cry”, is a topic of both social and environmental cause.

It revolves around the slum area where the girl is born and brought up in very cruel and raw conditions without a hope getting tears all along the long hurdled road. The reason behind the ” NO TEARS” is the most shocking thing which will be revealed in the end of the video.

The below image may give you just a glimpse of what the video is about but the real suspense is entirely different.


In a society where patriarchy is more dominant than the women status, these kind of incidents are very common, but this case is really very different from the rest of the cases as it also relates to the adverse affect of environmental disturbances in the life of a being.

The video below will surely leave you in tears for the reason of why the girl could not cry even after living such hazardous life.

Here, watch the video.

Please share this video for awareness, and if you care.

Post by : Badri Acharya
Source : CultNuts

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