” Son of coolie , builds 100 Crores Empire. “

There are some people in the world whose life stories are really inspiring; that has the ability to leave you awe-struck because of their relentless efforts and never dying spirit. The world is replete with such examples. And it becomes really praiseworthy when such people don’t let their low economic conditions define their destiny.

And one such man is PC Mustafa. A coolie’s son, he never let the social and economic conditions define his destiny and went on to become a successful entrepreneur.


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Mustafa’s story will inspire you. He chose the path of entrepreneurship as he wanted to employ rural Indians. His company makes fresh batter for idlis and dosas. and as of today, his batter reaches Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mangalore and also Dubai.

Here’s his inspiring story:

His childhood was spent in Wayanad, Kerala. This area had no access to electricity, roads, and even education.

The village had only one primary school and that too was 4 kilometers away. His father is a coolie and his mother never went to school. The lack of financial funds made him drop out after class 4, but thanks to a teacher in his school, he resumed his studies again.


He wanted to pursue engineering and thus gave the engineering entrance exams. His 63th state ranking got him admission in Regional Engineering College.

Now, that college is known as National Institute of Technology, Calicut.

This is what he has to say:

I was very lucky to have secured such a good rank. I got the opportunity to study what I really liked — computer science. There was no one to guide me in those days except God Almighty. Unlike other students, I had to be very careful about spending money, but that was okay.

After getting a placement after engineering, he got a well-paid job. But decided to leave that after some years as he wanted to pursue further education.

He didn’t want to study technology further, and so he decided to plunge into the MBA field. He got into IIM Bangalore after clearing the exams.

 The entrepreneurship journey commenced with his four cousins as the co-founders.


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1. During his studies at IIM, he was keen to start a company. His cousin, Shamsuddin, told him that he had seen batter being sold in little plastic bags. And from there, they got the idea of making the batter for idlis and dosas.

2. This seemed like a good idea and they found a small place of around 550 square feet and started with two grinders, a mixer, and a sealing machine.

3. The company was named ID Fresh.

4. They were making profits from day one. Their targets kept getting bigger month after month.

5. In 2007, Mustafa completed his MBA and joined the company as the CEO. He was in charge of marketing and finance.

6. With the growing demand, the business also got expanded which led them to get an industrial plant.

7. And it soon became a 100 crore company. And till today, Mustafa makes sure he recruits only smart and honest individuals from rural areas.


And lastly, he has an advice for everyone. He shares his own experience.


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If you have the passion to start something, do it immediately. Don’t wait for tomorrow. I had the passion to be an entrepreneur, but it took me a few years make that decision. I still regret the delay. I wish I had started five years earlier. The biggest challenge any start-up faces is getting the right people, the right team. I was lucky to have my cousins with me.

But balancing work and personal life is by far the toughest challenge.

This is really inspiring. Kudos to you, Mr. Mustafa for never letting that passion die.

News Source: Rediff

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