How to get jio sim on any android phone | Cannot generate jio offer code-Fix |

In this video I will show how to generate jio code on any mobile phone.

1. Download the My Jio application only from this link (Don’t download from Google Play Store, Reliance fixed the flaw in My Jio app, so it doesn’t work).

2. Once download finished, install it and open the application. My Jio app shows 10 different Reliance Jio apps on the screen, Install all the application with your WiFi connection.

3. Now Disconnect WiFi, Mobile Data and close the “My Jio” application also.

4. Again open the My Jio app without any internet connection. The app shows “Get Jio Sim” option on the screen.

5. Now enable WiFi and Tap the “Get Jio SIM” option.

6. The application will detect your location and shows whether the Reliance Jio is available in your area or not.

7. Now it shows the offer details, and you have to accept them.

8. Finally, there will be an option to generate Barcode for Reliance Jio Preview offer.

9. Now with Aadhaar card , one passport photo,  and the barcode generated by your My Jio application visit your nearest Reliance Digital store & get the SIM with 90 days free calls and data. If possible copy the barcode image saved automatically in your  phone gallery to the spare Samsung, LG phone borrowed from your friend. Then carry the Samsung/LG phone with the barcode image to get SIM without fail.

Enjoy & Share the post to your beloved ones.


4 thoughts on “How to get jio sim on any android phone | Cannot generate jio offer code-Fix |

  1. Great work, I’ve been wondering how to generate the code in my Xperia z2 with available my-jio app on playstore and now I got it. thanks for sharing.

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  2. I have Galaxy s5 .I tried several methods and tricks available online but all of them failed..dude this is the only one which actually worked..thanks a ton 🙂

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  3. It feels so good to know that the article was useful.
    Keep supporting and sharing my blog and do subscribe my YouTube channel “Tech Deck” for many more tricky videos and article.


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